Ahsan Naseem

Ahsan Naseem’s story as he tells: when Aadat came out in 2004 and I was in school at that time. I usually got bullied around so kept things to my own. One day my classmate and a substitute teacher gathered around in break time and started singing Aadat. Now usually I used to get away from social situations but that specific day, I joined in and started singing Aadat In front of them. My classmate ridiculed me and told me that I don’t have a good voice but for me, it was the opposite. I discovered that I have a good voice but didn’t pursue it.

2nd time I got to know that I have a good voice was in College. I was in Punjab college at that time doing I-Com. There was a ceremony being held for quiz competition gift distribution and the administration wanted around 300 to 400 students to attend that event. Near the end of the ceremony, the hosts called 4 students to appear, 2 boys and 2 girls randomly. Since I used to hmm around in the class, my classmates took my name and sent me on the stage. So now it became tricky because I never performed In front of a large crowd. I sang Roxen’s “Yaadain” confidently but I was shaking a little bit. So now, the winner was to be selected by the cheering of the crowd. My turn came last and suddenly, the crowd was cheering all over the place. I was handed a banknote of Rs/- 100 for it. On that day I realized something. That the power I was blessed with had an impact and I should take it seriously.

I used to hang out at a friend’s place. We had a group of 6 to 7 friends who’d just hang out and smoke sheesha whilst I sang trying to impress my friends. My friend told me that he has this old guitar that he never learned. When I saw it, it had only 2 strings. The top 2 to be exact. So I started playing random notes and discovered that it’s not just the voice I have, it’s the musical sense that allowed me to connect notes easily. Playing on just 2 strings, my friend realized that his guitar was of better use with me so he gifted it to me.


Bolay Bolay Ahsan Naseem - For more read
Bolay Bolay Ahsan Naseem – For more read


From their on, I joined a band as a vocalist and learned how to play the guitar by watching my band members and through YouTube videos. 30 to 40 live concerts down, changed 2 bands but nothing was going forward for me. I went solo and started doing covers. Around 2012, everything was jumbled up. I wasn’t doing well in my university and was failing semesters and touched the probation bar. My singing journey also suffered because YouTube got banned and my creativity wasn’t doing anything for me. I slowed down in the music sector and tried to focus on my studies. From then on it got worst. I lost my direction and thought the only thing that will help me grow as a job. So by the time 2014 was ending, I completed my BBA and planned to work in Dubai. I didn’t know what I was doing because singing was not working for me and I was losing my voice due to some bad habits I had. So in mid-2015, I went to Dubai.

Ahsan Naseem - For more read
Ahsan Naseem – For more read

As soon as I landed, I knew this was it. Now I will work hard and earn some money. Got a job in UAE’s largest electronics store, as a sales executive. I used to watch daily,  thousands of people coming to the store. Most of the people I talked with became fond of my speaking skills and opened up easily. So now I was 5 months in and my patience level and the excitement level was going down because every morning was the same. I looked at my colleagues and they had the same sad faces. Some of them were even in their 30’s and 40’s. Some customers I met were very different from ordinary people. They were genuinely happy because they were doing their own things in life like Blogging, small business owners, singers etc. During this time I developed a severe back pain due to overuse of the AC’s they had all around Dubai and some heavy things I carried at the store.  11 months in, I decided to quit my job and find another one for no good reason at all which I got ultimately. So I told the company that I would make an exit to Pakistan and come back as soon as my company visa arrived. Went back to Pakistan. My Visa came, but I never went to Dubai again.

This decision would have such a huge impact, I never even imagined. From there on, I went into a sinkhole of disaster. Found a job at a call center. Did two months and resigned. Found another marketing job, resigned on the 3rd day. Started a restaurant business with a friend, I had to get out of that for some reasons but ultimately, everything was failing. I made a mess of things that I could have prevented if I would have planned accordingly but nothing seemed to be right as my mind went into a depression state caused by various incidents.

2017 to 2018 became the worst time of my life as I was in pieces, shattered like a glass on the floor. Had suicidal thoughts because my anger and depression problems were on their peak. 27th November 2017 was my 28th birthday and I had done nothing of importance in my life according to my perception. I wasn’t earning money. Sold what I had. The only thing that kept me going was the support of my parents, my siblings and some caring friends (AALHAMDULLILAH. I knew this wasn’t something I was made for and my Creator would be very angry with me.

I realized I had to do something. I wrote some lyrics of “Bolay Bolay” and composed it through my guitar. Depression and rage weren’t going anywhere but still, I managed to complete this song. Recorded it on my PC because I didn’t even have a phone with a recorder at that time. I was using Nokia 105 which is like the most basic phone one can have.

I wanted Bolay Bolay to be recorded properly but had no self-esteem to approach anyone. 14th February 2018. SomeWhatSuper comes out with a new track “Hum Aur Tum” with Adil Habib. When I first listened to that track, I was amazed. I instantly knew that this is my dimension and I need to make Bolay Bolay with SomeWhatSuper.
So although I knew Talha Dar from the rock scene back In 2010 and some mutual friends, but didn’t know how to approach him because it had been a long time since we talked. But there was this urge that kept me ongoing and I approached Danish Rana who had always been a great help to me and was mutual. Surprisingly, their studio was 4 lanes away from my house and I could literally get there in 5 minutes. I called for a meetup and they told me to visit them at around 7 pm. I reached and met Talha and Feroze. Shams Bhai from (Lakeer Ke Fakeer) was also present over there. I sang Bolay Bolay in a shaky voice and on wrong guitar notes in front of them because it was something challenging for me after a year and a half of severe depression.

Believe me. It was on that date that I realized, this is it. I had never felt so happy in my life. It felt like a dream when they said that they’ll work on it. So it took 9 months for us to get the song just right! Talha, Feroze and all the other artists I met in the studio were amazing. They taught me new things and how one should be aware of his capabilities.

The Video of Bolay Bolay was made by me as I learned all the new skills at their studio. They knew I had something and helped me throughout the process.

Honestly, this is just a summary of what actually happened and what Ahsan Naseem went through since 2008. But Ahsan Naseem had to make a point clear. People who don’t listen to their heart or intuition, ultimately that’s the main reason they fall into depression and have suicidal thoughts because no one truly understands what’s inside a person’s heart. Bolay Bolay is all about how one should listen to his/her heart and speak up about it. People should realize how important this matter has become in our society.

For Ahsan Naseem, life is all about creating one’s own path and he did it with the help of surrounding positive people who understand.

“Aur ab, Mera Dil Bol Raha Hai.”