We live in the world of smartphones where every single person is connected to each other through it. And everyone has access to each other with just one click which has ultimately shortened the distances. Moreover, mobile phones are the most frequently used communication devices that in present time are extensively in use. With time the technology is on its way to maturity and so as our approach to see the technology.

In the past few decades we might not be familiar with the term “smart” but now with the enhancement, we are more into having a smartphone rather a simple handheld phone. From the push that Motorola gave to the era of mobile in 1973, there are many variations brought till 2018. Every single person got their own favorites in the smartphone brands but here we would like to list the top best smartphones of the year 2018.

Huawei Mate 20 pro

Being an Android user and finding the best phone won’t be a hard job anymore as Huawei Mate 20 pro is the perfect option available in 2018. With the launch of Huawei Mate 20 pro it carries best of all in one device with is not easy to compete. The Mate 20 Pro incorporates the primary Android 7nm process chipset with the Kirin 980two Neural Processing Units, a fourth-age picture signal processor, and a LTE Cat.21 modem.

The triple back camera capacity from the Huawei P20 Pro is conveyed to the Mate 20 Pro, yet in an alternate focal two-by-two course of action with one change made to one of the three focal points. The three back cameras have 40MP, 20MP, and 8MP goals with a 24MP forward-looking shooter and man-made reasoning to enable you to catch extraordinary shots. The monochrome focal point has been supplanted with a wide-edge focal point, so you presently have a fax, wide-edge, and standard camera usefulness.

It is an ideal option to avail for the ones that are fond of Android and admire such enhanced functionalities. Above of all Mate 20 Pro got another highlighting feature that would surely be admired by users and it is the external storage card customization. Now rather than using the standard microSD cards you can use Huawei’s own nano-memory card. Along with that Huawei still carries its tradition of having a long-lasting battery life which is surely not a surprise but appreciable.

Apple iPhone XS/ XS MS

Apart from having many charms of Android, there is still a certain number of people who are fond of ISO and which ultimately lead them to Apple. And there is no doubt in that as well as Apple has a benchmark in being the most reliable and secure smartphones.

Considering its constant variations that the iPhone bring with the launch of every new version, the iPhone X was the most admirable lately. But soon with the launch of iPhone XS/ XS MS word has been changed because the ultimate love of having beautiful super retina OLED screen is hard to resist.

Best Mobile Phone in The World | For More, Read!
Best Mobile Phone in The World | For More, Read!

The edge to edge screen is a true inspiration that users are in love with and watching movies, dramas or any other thing would be a true pleasure. The XS got the 5.8-inch screen and 6.5 inches of XS Max and besides that, the re-engineering of the phone is also done wisely.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The most interesting addition in smartphones series is the Samsung Galaxy Note9 that has stunning 6.4 -inch screen and with that, it got powerful hardware suite. Samsung has always been in the process of improvement and with this Note9 they have added another enhancement of new S Pen digital stylus. It is perfect for business and the Android users are adopting it frequently.

The most credible features of Note9 are perfect camera system, admirable battery and clear audio that are not easy to compete. Along with that, they have also added the rear fingerprint scanner option for the users. Certainly, for the careless users who may drop their phone anywhere, the Note9 has compacted with high-level water resistance. It also got fast wireless charging, expandable microSD storage and many more.

Best Mobile Phone in The World | For More, Read!
Best Mobile Phone in The World | For More, Read!

Considering all the mentioned features and many more we believe that Galaxy Note9 has combined many functional features that are hard to resist, and everyone can surely fall in love with. And lastly, all the note users can witness that this version is truly an improved one from Note8.

The above mentioned are few of the top bestselling smartphones of the year 2018 while there are many other in ranking that is surprisingly admired by the users.


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