To ensure a quick sale you will need to collect the necessary documents, set an asking price, advertise your used cars for sale properly and then communicate and negotiate with the potential buyers in the market.

Which is the right place to sell a car in Dubai:

If you advertise your vehicles for sale in Dubai the right way and in the right place, and was able to shift serious buyers from tire kickers, you can turn your car into cash with less hassle. With the right blend of preparation and a little elbow grease, many cars wouldn’t take more than a weekend to sell them. Here is the best guide that involves simple steps using this you can remove the stress and mainly maximize the cash when you sell a car.

1)Collect the paperwork of the car:

Take a few minutes to locate the following items and complete these tasks if you really wish to present your vehicles for sale in Dubai. The first thing you need to locate is your used car’s title. It is also called a pink slip. Pink slip basically gives you the legal right to sell the car. If you still owe money on your car’s loan, then ask the lender to check out properly how to arrange the sale. Also, order car history report, be proactive and show car history report to potential buyers. This will also enable you to answer any potential questions such as a number of owners and accidents.

2)Set an asking price for your Emirates used cars:

First of all, you need to know what your car worth is and then decide the asking price of your used car. You can also look up your car’s value on Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book and check comparable listings for similar cars in classified sections of ads. Set your car price slightly above the current market value but still in the ballpark of a good deal. So, being honest decide the price of emirates used cars.

3)Present in your car in good condition:

When a buyer shows up to see your car, you want them to take a look of your car and say,’’It looks great’ ’That’s basically a curb appeal. It is not necessary to fix every little dent and scratch, but wash and vacuum the car at least and remove all the junk that’s accumulated over the years. Giving the seller every answer professionally will also leave a good impact. But higher will be the price, more time it will take to sell a car.

4)Try to create powerful ads that sell the car:

Good photos will bring a good impact on the buyer. Make a photograph of your car when parked in a nice location just after the sunset for best lighting. Move around the car and also click its pictures from different angles. From inside also take a picture of the driver’s seat, the back seat, and the trunk while you are on the way to sell used car best price. Most ads will prompt you to add the basic information about the used car such as year, model, price and mileage etc.

5)Set up a test drive for a used car:

To meet arrange a safe place such as a coffee shop. If it is possible also take a friend with you. Some cities are planning to set up safe locations for buyers and sellers in Dubai to meet. After potential buyers look over your emirates used cars, let them a test drive your car but go along with them. One thing that they might be unfamiliar with the area and need directions. Most of the buyers will demand to inspect the car by the mechanic.

6)Close the deal of car:

After the test drive, the prospective buyers will hopefully start negotiating. Stick to your asking price as long as you can and let the buyer make their decision. For example, if he asks “What is the best price of your car?” you can answer, “Well I think my asking price is quite fair. But you can also make me an offer”. Negotiate slowly and repeat the numbers to avoid any misunderstanding in the near future. Before you agree to deal to sell used car best price, make sure that the buyer is prepared to pay either in cash or with the cashier’s check.

Finally, you are done with all the formalities to sell the car. Selling car offline requires more brainstorming than selling a car using online car selling services. Due to an increase in the field of technology, the internet has provided us with a list of online car selling platforms through which you can browse and sell a car without any difficulty. Crazycacorner is the best choice one can have to sell car online UAE. Anyways you want to sell your used car, you can contact us through email. We will reach at your location to inspect your car personally.