I can feel the shattered pieces of me cutting deep down my flesh.

I can feel the blood dripping down my hollow body.

The darkness you brought me in,

Did not make me weaker,

It made me wilder,

Wilder than you ever were.

And you know what is the difference between being strong and being wild?

The strong have mercy, and the wild does not.

The wild merely know what that is.

Like you didn’t know,

Shattered Pieces Of Me  | For More, Read!
Shattered Pieces Of Me | For More, Read!

Like you didn’t have any.

And guess what?

I caught your germ,

It feels like a parasite,

Growing slowly, becoming bigger every day.

Anchoring its roots deeper inside,

Spreading all over me,

Conquering my whole body.

And now it is running through my veins,

Like a malignant tumor.

These tumors, they usually don’t like leaving.

They like killing the body more than to leave it.

And people are scared of these tumor things.

You should be too!


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