Kai-Fu Lee Explains Why Ai Will Soon Eliminate Half Of Jobs | Thrive Global

Kai-Fu Lee Explains why AI is the most important technology in the history of mankind and how entire industries will be transformed in the next 15-years. His book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order are out now.
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Previous Google China president Kai-Fu Lee is wagering vigorously on man-made consciousness; his speculation firm Innovation Ventures has put more than $600 million in PC vision, machine learning and different types of robotization. Furthermore, he’s certain that soon this innovation will significantly change the activity scene.

“In the event that we take a gander at what AI can’t do, there are extremely two fundamental things,” Lee said on the most recent scene of Recode Decode, facilitated by Kara Swisher. “One is inventive employments. Employments like researchers, storytellers, craftsmen, etc. Furthermore, the other is the caring individuals who truly have made a human-to-human association, trust.”

What’s more, shouldn’t something be said about the employment that requires low inventiveness and empathy?

“Each one of those employments will be taken by AI,” he said.

On the new web recording and in his new book “artificial intelligence Superpowers,” Lee predicts that we’ll need to reexamine callings like specialists and educators, tilting them toward those aptitudes that machines won’t have.

“The therapeutic conclusion will turn out to be, great through AI, and after that, the specialist is, even more, a human connector,” he clarified. “And after that possibly only four years of school is sufficient. Perhaps nurture professionals can progress toward becoming specialists. Possibly there’s all the more prepared about how to solace and how to coax out from the patient, ‘What are you truly feeling?'”

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