Pakistan PM Imran Khan lashes out at Trump ‘tirade’

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday lashed out at U.S. President Donald Trump following his comments that Pakistan doesn’t “complete a damn thing” for the United States notwithstanding billions of dollars in U.S. help for the South Asian country.

The grating compromises to additionally compound effectively delicate relations among Islamabad and Washington, on-off partners who have more than once conflicted about the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s supposed help for Islamist aggressors.

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Khan, who expected power in August and is known for his red-hot enemy of American talk, said in a progression of tweets that “record should be put straight on Mr. Trump’s tirade against Pakistan” throughout the end of the week.

Trump, amid a Fox News TV, meet circulated on Sunday, protected slicing help to Islamabad and furthermore proposed Pakistani specialists realized Osama receptacle Laden’s area preceding his killing by U.S. troops in an attack inside Pakistan in 2011.

Pakistan denies supporting Afghan Taliban extremists taking up arms against the U.S.- upheld troops in Afghanistan and Islamabad has additionally constantly dismissed cases authorities helped previous al Qaeda pioneer receptacle Laden.

“Rather than making Pakistan a substitute for their disappointments, the US ought to complete a genuine evaluation of why, in spite of 140000 NATO troops in addition to 250,000 Afghan troops and allegedly $1 trillion spent on war in Afghanistan, the Taliban today are more grounded than previously,” Khan tweeted.

Trump, in a pre-recorded meeting, said receptacle Laden had been living in “a pleasant house” in Pakistan by a military foundation and “everyone in Pakistan realized he was there”.

“What’s more, we give Pakistan $1.3 billion every year. …(bin Laden) lived in Pakistan, we’re supporting Pakistan, we’re giving them $1.3 billion per year – which we don’t give them any longer, coincidentally. I finished it since they don’t do anything for us, they don’t complete a damn thing for us.”

Khan said Pakistan had borne the brunt of the United States’ war on fear, which concentrated on activists that straddle the Afghanistan-Pakistan inborn belt.

“No Pakistani was engaged with 9/11 however Pak chose to take an interest in US War on Terror,” Khan said. “Pakistan endured 75,000 setbacks in this war and over $123 bn was lost to the economy. US “help” was an infinitesimal $20 bn.”