What brought Rahaf Mohammed to run away?

The people of her family, who were mistreating her, imprisoning her for months and physically abusing her every other day. Just to make it out there “Imprisoning your daughter isn’t Islam”. ”Physically abusing your daughter isn’t Islam”. “Suppressing someone’s voice isn’t Islam”. Maybe Rahaf was wrong in some of the matters in her life but being physical wouldn’t have changed that. And maybe she was not that wrong after all. If her family didn’t mistreat her I’m pretty sure she would not have gone to
such an extent.

What brought Rahaf Mohammed to run away?  | For More, Read!
What brought Rahaf Mohammed to run away? | For More, Read!

You as a parent were supposed to make your child love their religion. You were supposed to make them love Islam. Because it is a religion of nothing but kindness, love, and forgiveness. You were supposed to make your child fall in love with their religion by your own conduct, by your own character. But you portrayed this religion so bad not just to your child, your daughter but to the whole wide world.
The whole media is not saying that her family wronged her but instead what they are saying is Islam wronged her. And Islam is suppressing Saudi women. You didn’t just fail as a parent but you have also failed Islam. I’m sure for a fact that if you had truly been Islamic in your conduct toward her then she wouldn’t ever have done that. Again a very classic example of Muslims portraying their own religion with utmost disgust. Then the Muslim community says that media is portraying Islam wrong. NO, it’s not the media which is portraying Islam wrong. It’s YOU the representatives of Islam who portrayed it wrong. It’s the Muslims once again using Islam to get away from their own mischiefs. Before you once again start accusing women just educate yourself with the status of women in Islam.
Just educate yourself with women rights in Islam. Just educate yourself with the history of the world. The way women were treated before Islam and how they were told to be treated afterward. Educate yourself with how the West has treated women in the past. Rahaf Mohammed’s story is just another classic example of non-Islamic Muslim cultures.
And no I don’t believe that every other woman in Saudi Arabia is treated badly as Rahaf told to the media. But I still do believe her story. Maybe it’s not entirely correct but it’s not entirely wrong as well. It’s just a bunch of people using the word “Islam” to explain their own mindsets. But the whole point here is that if we won’t stop using Islam for our own self-created beliefs then there will be more Rahaf. And there will be even more fingers towards Islam.
And you cannot just kill or imprison every Rahaf.

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